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Use it or lose it, true of many things-including the human body. If you want to live a life worth living you need your health. In order to maintain your health you must move your body, and give it generally good nutrition. At Destinfit, we refuse to allow you to believe in the next best thing, the magic diet, that one perfect exercise that will...-fill in the blank-. That's all bullsh*t, and deep down we all know it! Safe, smart exercise programming drawing from all diciplines and a well perscribed diet is what you can expect from us. Join our revolution, and become one of many to realize YOUR potential! 

Balance Ball Exercises


From heavy resistance to body weight, we do it all at destinfit!

Enjoying Life!

Enjoying life and staying healthy for activities this is why we workout!

Enjoying life and staying healthy for activities, this is why we workout!

Jen hopping in a stock car! =)